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At Minnich’s, we take our role as Health Advocates seriously, because your health is a serious matter. Our team constantly strives to provide extraordinary pharmacy care, personalized service, and clinical expertise to every person in York County. In addition to the services we provide to our walk-in patients and long-term care patients, we now also offer direct business services to help your business stay healthy. We understand that businesses suffer when the employees suffer from illness, so we do our best to help you protect the overall health of your staff, as well as your business, with responsive and reliable service.


Prescription Delivery

Our pharmacists can transfer your staff’s prescriptions from their current pharmacy to Minnich’s, and when they are ready, we will bring them to your business with the same FREE DELIVERY we offer our patients at their homes. We’ll help your employees and their families save time and money, and most importantly, stay healthy.


HIPAA Compliant

Our staff is highly trained and HIPAA compliant to ensure the privacy of your staff and the confidentiality of their medical history.


Consultation & Education

Our consultant pharmacists are available to provide educational services for your staff. We are happy to make a presentation at your next staff meeting on the latest information concerning your staff’s health, or answer any questions your staff members may have about their medications or health concerns. We also have educational information for you to display or handout to your staff upon request.


Medication Synchronization

For your convenience, sign up for our Minnich's Med Sync Program and have all of your routine prescriptions delivered automatically once a month on the same day.  We will keep track of your refills for you, allowing you to focus on maintaining your medication compliance.


Billing & Insurance

Our office is staffed with specialists who are always up-to-date on the latest information regarding insurance and billing. They are always happy to answer any questions your staff may have regarding these issues.



Our pharmacists are happy to provide on-site vaccinations for your staff. We understand that not everyone has the time or awareness to stay updated on their vaccinations. Our biggest concern is making sure your staff stays healthy throughout the year, so our pharmacists will come to you in a comfortable environment for your staff. We also offer a number of other healthy employee programs, available upon request.


Charge Accounts

For your staff’s convenience, we can set up a monthly charge account that will invoice your staff members every month rather than paying for each of their family’s medications up front.


Convenience Delivery

In addition to your staff’s prescriptions, we can also deliver a variety of over-the-counter medications, as well as a number of gift selections from our retail store. If we have it, we’ll bring it to you for your convenience.

For more information on the Business to Business Services we offer, please download our brochure.



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